InvisiDoor Vs. Murphy Door comparison

InvisiDoor vs Murphy Door: In-Depth Comparison, Reviews & Recommendations

InvisiDoor and Murphy Door are two popular brands in the world of hidden doors. Hidden doors are doors that look like something else, like a bookcase or a mirror. This way, they blend into the room and you don’t even notice they’re there. Both brands are leading names in this market. They offer unique designs and high-quality doors. Many people talk about these two brands when they want a hidden door in their home.

People often compare InvisiDoor and Murphy Door. Why? Because both brands are known for quality and innovation. But they have their own styles and features. So, it’s not easy to pick one over the other without digging deeper.

Quick Comparison of InvisiDoor vs Murphy Door

Here’s a quick and easy-to-read table to compare InvisiDoor and Murphy Door across different aspects.

Feature / AspectInvisiDoorMurphy Door
Material QualityHigh-quality solid woods like cherry, oak, and mapleRange from hardwood to MDF
Design StylesClassic and traditionalVersatile: modern to rustic
Ease of InstallationMore complex, may require professional helpEasier, DIY-friendly
Price Range$1,200 – $2,500$800 – $2,000
Additional Costs$300 – $500 for professional installationOptional add-ons like locks
WarrantyLimited lifetime warrantyLimited 5-year warranty
Security OptionsCustomizable locksCustomizable locks
FunctionalitySmooth with special hardwareGenerally smooth, some models vary
DurabilityBuilt to last, less wear and tearVaries based on material chosen
Aesthetic AppealElegant and high-quality lookWide range, from elegant to casual

Key Features of InvisiDoor and Murphy Door

InvisiDoor: Elegance Meets Function

InvisiDoor is known for its elegant design. They make doors that are strong but also look great. Most doors from this brand come ready-to-assemble. So, you can put them together yourself, or hire someone to do it. They offer a range of finishes and woods, so you can match the door with your home’s style.

Types of Doors

InvisiDoor offers a few types of hidden doors:

  • Bookcase Doors: These look like a bookshelf but open like a door.
  • Cabinet Doors: These blend into cabinets and offer extra storage.
  • Wall Doors: These doors look like a part of the wall until you open them.

Special Technologies

InvisiDoor uses special hardware that makes the doors open smoothly. But, they don’t have any patented technologies at the moment.

Murphy Door: Flexibility and Innovation

Murphy Door is all about flexibility and choice. You can choose to buy a door that is already put together or one that you assemble yourself. They also offer doors that you can customize. This means you can pick the color, size, and other details.

Types of Doors

Murphy Door has a wider range of hidden doors:

  • Bookcase Doors: Just like InvisiDoor, they offer doors that look like bookshelves.
  • Mirror Doors: These doors look like a full-length mirror.
  • French Doors: These have glass panels and look like regular French doors, but they’re hidden.
  • Flush Mount Doors: These look like part of the wall or ceiling.

Special Technologies

Murphy Door holds a few patents. One of them is for a special type of hardware. This hardware makes it easier to install the door yourself.

Quality and Materials

InvisiDoor: Classy and Durable

When it comes to quality, InvisiDoor does not cut corners. The brand uses solid wood for most of its doors. You can choose from different types of wood like cherry, oak, or maple. These woods are strong and last a long time.

The materials used by InvisiDoor are built to last. Solid wood is known for its long life. It can withstand daily use without showing much wear and tear.

The quality of the wood gives these doors a classic and elegant look. It’s a good fit if you have a home that leans toward traditional designs.

Murphy Door: A Range of Choices

Murphy Door also offers good quality but with more choices. You can opt for hardwood or go for cheaper options like MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard).

Hardwood options are durable and long-lasting. MDF is also strong but might not age as well as hardwood.

The wide range of materials lets you pick a door that fits your style. If you want something modern, MDF might be a good choice. For a timeless look, hardwood is the way to go.

Functionality and Usability

InvisiDoor: Simple and Reliable

InvisiDoor doors are easy to use. Once installed, they swing open and closed just like regular doors. Their special hardware makes sure the door moves smoothly.

You don’t need to be strong to use these doors. A gentle push is usually enough.

InvisiDoor doors fit well in spaces like libraries, home offices, or living rooms where elegance is key.

Murphy Door: Versatile and User-Friendly

Murphy Doors are also easy to use, but they offer more options. Some doors can swing or slide, based on what you like.

These doors are also easy to operate. The patented hardware helps a lot here.

Murphy Door has something for every room. Want to hide a pantry? There’s a door for that. Need to add a hidden space in your bedroom? They’ve got you covered.

Installation Process Compared

InvisiDoor: Some Assembly Required

InvisiDoor doors usually come in pieces. You have to put them together before you install them.

It can take a few hours to put everything together and then install it.

You might want to hire a professional. The doors are heavy and you need to get the alignment just right.

Murphy Door: DIY Friendly

Murphy Door offers doors that are pre-assembled or ready-to-assemble.

A pre-assembled door can be installed in less than an hour. A door you assemble yourself will take longer.

Murphy Door designs its doors for easy installation. Most people can do it themselves, thanks to the special hardware.

When it comes to quality and materials, both brands offer strong and durable options. InvisiDoor leans toward classic and elegant designs with its high-quality wood. Murphy Door offers more choices, including modern looks.

In terms of functionality and usability, both brands are easy to use. InvisiDoor is great for traditional spaces like libraries or offices. Murphy Door offers more versatility, suitable for any room in your home.

Lastly, for the installation process, InvisiDoor might require professional help and more time. Murphy Door is more DIY-friendly and can be quicker to install.

Aesthetic Considerations

InvisiDoor: A Touch of Elegance

InvisiDoor focuses on elegant and traditional designs. If you have a home filled with wooden furniture and classic themes, InvisiDoor will blend right in.

Design Styles

The doors mainly come in classic wood finishes like cherry, oak, and maple. They focus on sleek lines and fine craftsmanship.


These doors are perfect for a home office, library, or classic living room. They mesh well with decors that have a timeless feel.

Customer Reviews on Aesthetics

People often praise InvisiDoor for its high-quality look. Customers love how the door becomes a focal point in the room, attracting attention and compliments.

Murphy Door: A Palette of Options

Murphy Door takes a more flexible approach. They cater to a wide range of design tastes from modern to rustic.

Design Styles

You’ll find a wide array of options. There are sleek, modern finishes, and also rustic, vintage styles. They even offer doors with glass panels for a touch of elegance.


Murphy Door can fit into almost any room setting. Whether it’s a modern kitchen, a rustic bedroom, or a playful children’s room, there’s a Murphy Door for it.

Customer Reviews on Aesthetics

Customers often mention the versatility of design. They appreciate the option to customize their doors to match their personal style.

Pricing and Budget

InvisiDoor: High-End Elegance

InvisiDoor focuses on quality, and that comes at a price. You’re looking at a range starting from $1,200 to $2,500 depending on the type of wood and size.

Additional Expenses

Installation can be costly if you’re not doing it yourself. Hiring a professional could add another $300 to $500 to the bill.

Value for Money

You are paying for quality and elegance. If that’s what you’re after, then the cost is justified.

Murphy Door: A Range for Every Wallet

Murphy Door offers more budget-friendly options. Prices can start as low as $800 and go up to $2,000.

Additional Expenses

If you choose to install it yourself, there might be no extra costs. But optional accessories like locks and handles can add to the price.

Value for Money

You get a lot of choices and flexibility for your money. Plus, the patented hardware can save you on installation costs.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials


Customers often rave about the high-quality materials and elegant look. However, some people mention that the doors are heavy and hard to install without help.

Murphy Door

Reviews are generally positive, highlighting the easy installation and variety of styles. Some customers have noted issues with the door mechanism but they are few and far between.

Brands’ Response to Negative Feedback

Both brands are proactive in addressing customer concerns. InvisiDoor often offers to send replacement parts or guides for installation. Murphy Door usually provides troubleshooting help and offers refunds or replacements when necessary.

The Importance of Reviews

Reading reviews is crucial before making a big purchase like this. They give you a glimpse into real-world use and customer satisfaction. Both positive and negative reviews offer valuable insights.

Pros and Cons of InvisiDoor vs Murphy Door

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each brand can help you make an informed decision. Here’s a simple list that sums it up.

InvisiDoor: Advantages and Disadvantages


  • High-Quality Materials: Solid wood options like cherry, oak, and maple.
  • Elegant Designs: Ideal for classic, traditional home settings.
  • Durable: Built to last with minimal wear and tear.
  • Smooth Functionality: Special hardware ensures doors swing smoothly.


  • Pricey: Higher starting price compared to Murphy Door.
  • Limited Design Variety: Mainly focuses on traditional styles.
  • Complex Installation: Might require professional help.

Murphy Door: Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Wide Range of Materials: Options from hardwood to MDF.
  • Design Flexibility: Modern, rustic, and everything in between.
  • Easier Installation: DIY-friendly with pre-assembled options.
  • Budget-Friendly: More affordable options available.


  • Lesser Quality on Cheaper Options: MDF may not be as durable as hardwood.
  • Accessory Costs: Optional add-ons like locks can add to the price.

InvisiDoor offers high-quality, elegant, and durable doors but may be pricey and complex to install. Murphy Door provides flexibility in design and budget, but the quality may vary depending on your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is easier to install?

Murphy Door is generally easier to install. They offer pre-assembled doors and user-friendly guides.

Do they come with a warranty?

Both brands offer warranties but the terms may differ. InvisiDoor typically has a limited lifetime warranty on the wood and hardware. Murphy Door offers a limited warranty that usually covers 5 years.

Which one is more secure?

Both brands offer secure locking mechanisms, but the type of lock can vary. In general, the quality of the lock you choose will determine the level of security.

What are the customization options?

InvisiDoor allows you to choose the type of wood and finish. Murphy Door lets you customize the material, style, and even the type of opening mechanism.


InvisiDoor vs Murphy Door is a debate that boils down to what you value more. If you are looking for elegance and quality, InvisiDoor is the better choice, but be prepared for a higher price and possibly complicated installation. On the other hand, if budget and design flexibility are your priorities, Murphy Door wins hands down.


  • For Budget-Conscious Buyers: Murphy Door offers good quality at a lower price.
  • For Fans of Classic Elegance: InvisiDoor’s traditional wooden designs are hard to beat.
  • For DIY Enthusiasts: Murphy Door’s easier installation process might be more appealing.
  • For Those Who Value Durability: InvisiDoor’s high-quality wood options offer long-lasting durability.

Your final choice will depend on a mix of factors like budget, design preference, and how handy you are with installations. Both brands have their merits, so weigh your options carefully before making a decision.

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