Hello! Let me introduce myself.

I’m Jake Mitchell, and I’ve been diving headfirst into the world of home improvement for over two decades. From the framework of doors and windows to the details of roofing and flooring, I’ve been hands-on with every nook and corner of a house.


  • Earned my Bachelor’s in Architecture from the Fairmont State University.
  • I’m a Certified Building and Renovation Expert, accredited by the International Homebuilders Association.
  • Founded a top-tier renovation firm.

Hobbies & Interests:
When I’m not on the job, I love:

  • Traveling and drawing inspiration from architectural wonders across the globe.
  • Hosting DIY workshops, where I get to share what I’ve learned over the years.
  • Penning down columns for leading home improvement magazines.
  • Testing out innovative materials to give my projects that extra edge.


  • Home Improvement: I pride myself on blending aesthetics with function.
  • Paint & Coating: I’ve got a knack for giving walls that perfect, lasting finish.
  • Doors & Windows: Energy efficiency meets elegance, always.
  • Plumbing: I aim for installations that are both stylish and practical.
  • Cabinets & Furniture: Crafting pieces with an eye for detail is my forte.
  • Woodworking: I love creating bespoke pieces that tell a story.
  • Roofing: I specialize in designs that are both protective and visually appealing.
  • Wall & Flooring: Over the years, I’ve developed a keen eye for materials, be it hardwoods or the finest tiles.

Got a project in mind or just want to chat over design ideas? Drop me an email at [email protected].

Here is where you can find me and where I find all my inspiration!