The Evolution of a Living Room Before & After

In this previous post, I showed you my learning process and today¬†I’m sharing with you the sweet client’s home who let me learn on her. ūüėČ ¬†Here are some before pictures- with a cute little guy in one of them!

IMG_6878 IMG_6870 IMG_6871

If you’ll remember, here’s the moodboard we landed on after a few attempts:

The House of Figs Moodboard

And now for the after photos!

Evolution Of A Living Room_3 WM

Evolution Of A Living Room_4 WM

Evolution Of A Living Room_5 WM

Evolution Of A Living Room_6 WM

Evolution Of A Living Room_0 WMThis spot pictured below, is to the right of the back door, which you can see in the before pictures was just an empty wall. ¬†Her husband actually built this shelf himself! ¬†Isn’t it amazing? I feel like every family with little ones needs a tidy and stylish way to store toys and kids’ books and things in the main living area. ¬†It just isn’t feasible for everything to get put away into the kids’ rooms or a playroom at the end of each day. ¬†Since I’m in that same season of life at home with preschoolers, I totally get it and I think your home should work¬†for you, not the other way around. ¬†Who says your living room has to be a place only for grown up things and all toys must be stored in a playroom? ¬†Who’s rules are those? ¬†This is your home, you get to decide how you use it.

Evolution Of A Living Room_1 WMI love the color and texture that it all adds as well.  It keeps the room light and personable, and makes for great playdates!
Evolution Of A Living Room_2 WM

This really wasn’t a major change.¬† They did decide to do the wood floors but that was actually after I decorated the space for them (yes we had a rug over the carpet- you can and should consider doing¬†that when you have wall to wall carpeting to define a space!). ¬†Just adding some new pillows, changing up the built ins, adding a small gallery wall, changing the lighting and colors made a huge difference. ¬†Oh and did you spot my favorite Ikea Ritva curtains hanging as high and wide as possible? ¬†They are making the most of that natural light and those windows look twice as big now!

Thanks for reading!

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