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My Yearly DIY Post

I’m not a crafter and I don’t do much holiday decorating.  But there’s something about the crispness of fall that has me itching to create.  And I don’t mean creating gallery walls or moodboards or furniture layouts. I mean actually with my hands creating something.  Maybe it has something to do with being outside more?  I miss being outside so much during the oppressive heat of summer.  Lately I’m gazing at sunsets, watching the kids play in the yard, and hanging out on the porch.  Maybe that’s it?


So I’ve found I’m in the kitchen more often, baking goodies that I normally would never be stirring up myself (my husband has the love of cooking in this family).  And last week I actually wandered around on that crafty aisle of Target looking for something fun to do with the kids.  I picked up this pad of punch out paper leaves and had no idea where it would take us.


My daughter LOVED it.  She worked on painting and coloring leaves for over an hour.  My littlest guy painted a few leaves.  I found myself painting leaf after leaf.  My oldest couldn’t have cared less.  Oh well, to each his own.

I didn’t have a plan for the leaves when we were finished with them, but the colors were so pretty and fall-ish that I was inspired to make a banner for the living room.  I roped some twine up there and used some masking tape to attach the leaves.  I love the organic color of the watercolor paints and how it just brings a little bit of festive whimsy to the room.  I’m sorry to say that this pad was on sale so I can’t find it online to share with you.  Maybe they still have it at your local Target if you’re interested. If not, you could use this template to print out your own, though that would involve a lot of cutting (not quite as fun and easy.)  Here are a few more simple/minimalist fall garlands that would be fun as well.


I totally get how decorating for the seasons creates this cozy atmosphere and builds a sense of excitement, especially for kids.  But as a sort of minimalist and practicalist (I know that’s not a word), I often forget that.  I don’t like to have little vignettes of scarecrows and plastic pumpkins and hay bales around even though I LOVE the coziness of them when I walk into other people’s homes or little boutique shops.  I even study them in my friends’ homes (they don’t know I’m doing it or I would be like a weird stalker) because I’m trying to figure out how it looks so cozy.  I think it has something to do with using what you love in your own home.  Which might be why it doesn’t work for me.  When I bring in stuff that isn’t me or my style, it makes me feel cluttered in my brain.  I’ve tried and usually end up returning it or putting it in a Goodwill pile.


My daughter on the other hand is constantly looking for a reason to decorate for an occasion or party.  I’m convinced she will one day have the coziest cutest house including scarecrows and hay bales that look adorably perfect for fall.  Anyway, I’m thinking I might ought to start taking her advice a little more often. She may want to paint the walls all pink though, haha.


So here’s my fall decor for this year- watercolor leaves, and you can see those little white pumpkins on the mantle too.  I picked those up from Trader Joe’s.  I also got one of the big “Cinderella” pumpkins to keep on the breakfast room table.


Cheers to the changing of the seasons, getting outdoors more, and creating a home you love, however that looks for you.




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Let’s Style Some Shelves- a Video

Shelf Styling :: The House of Figs

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and with all the things I’m thankful for, this year one of them is YOU!  I had no idea what this would turn into for me when I started this blog back in February and I’m so thankful to all of you for reading, subscribing, commenting, and just for all the encouragement along the way.

Today I’ve got an exclusive new video all about styling shelves.  My talented cinematographer husband produced it and I am really so excited with how it turned out.  I hope it will be something useful and fun for you and even if you don’t have time to change up any shelves while you’re prepping for your big dinner tomorrow, maybe it will be some inspiration for after the big day.

You can access the video by clicking here or at any time from the Video Tutorials link in the top menu. The video is for subscribers only so you will have to put in your email address to log in if you’re a subscriber or to sign up if you’re not.  You’ll find my other two videos about hanging a gallery wall there as well. It’s totally free and just means you will receive blog posts directly to your inbox.  No spam, just free and fun content that I hope will be both purposeful and beautiful for you.

Happy Thanksgiving!!



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New Video Up Today!

Gallery Wall Video Part 2 :: The House of Figs

I’ve got a new video up today!  You can find the link here.  I am also keeping an archive page now of all the videos we make that you can access in the top menu.  If you are not a subscriber, you will be asked to sign in with your email address.  All this does is sign you up to receive my blog posts in your inbox and it will give you access to these free videos.  No spam or anything like that ever!

Also just a quick little thank you to your response on my last post.  Thanks to those of you who commented and shared it- its just a little thing, but wow it means so much to me.  I know it might seem like I know what I’m doing or like I’m so confident here just hitting “publish” on these posts but that one sat in my drafts folder for quite a while.  It was re-written, prayed over, and there were a few nights when I thought I just might not ever hit publish on that thing.  To know that so many of you needed to hear it just like I did was big for me.  So thanks, from the bottom of my heart.

Would love for you to subscribe and check out the new video. Have a great week!



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