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Updates Around the House and Blog!

Hey everyone!  Welcome to the new site!!  I’m hoping everything is working well and I’d love for you to click around and make yourself at home!

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Okay, with all that housekeeping stuff out of the way, onto some fun updates around the house!

Our kids were with their grandparents for the weekend, so we thought it would be fun to have a few surprises for them when they came back.  Our oldest has been needing a desk for a while now (you can see my post about his room here) and we found this great one at Ikea.  
Desk : The House of Figs

Another kids’ space that got a facelift was our playroom.  I shared this room on Instagram a week or so ago.  I’m always looking for creative ways to display our kids’ artwork and I just decided to start taping it up on the wall in here, almost like wallpaper.  We can just add to it now over time! I used this room for one year as a homeschool room but now it houses all of our toys, some books and art supplies, and we can use it as a guest room as well.  See a before picture of it in this post.

Playroom :: The House of Figs

Another great Ikea find over the weekend was this huge planter and split leaf Philodendron.  I hear this things are pretty hard to kill… hopefully that’s true!  I love the life and texture it brings to this spot! Split Leaf Philadendron : The House of Figs

I’ve never shared our master bedroom with you guys here before and one day I’ll do an entire post about this room with more pictures, but I did want to share a few iPhone shots I recently took.  We finally hung pictures above our bed- it used to be two large pictures of our oldest two children.  We do have a third… he’ll be two next month.  Yeah, the master bedroom has kind of taken a backseat, unfortunately!

Bedroom :: The House of Figs

Gallery Wall :: The House of Figs

Not to overdramatize, but it has been almost life changing to have this gallery wall in here now.  Its like a whole new room.  And it feels special and I keep it cleaner and more like the haven it should be. I will do a whole new post dedicated to this room and I want to share with you how I planned out and hung these pictures as well.  But really, I thought I needed all new bedroom furniture.  And all new bedding.  Nope- turns out I just needed to shop my house and use what I have in a more creative way.  Life changing, I’m telling you!

Lastly, remember this post about my stair wall and the art nook that used to be there?  I finally have a plan and some frames ready to be hung!  That will be my next project- I’ll keep you updated!

Foyer : The House of FigsThanks so much for reading and like I said, I’d love feedback from my subscribers out there (or even if you’re not a subscriber!)!  This blogging stuff is hard y’all!  Big shout out to Jones Design Company and their Blog Class for helping me get this far.  I’ve learned a ton and felt in over my head about a million times, but I’ve come a long way. Here’s to lots more decorating, blogging, and looking for the purpose in it all. <3




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The Montgomery House Foyer

The Montgomery House - Front Foyer Small_0 WMThis foyer has so many architectural details; from the transom and moldings, to the huge double doors and paneling behind them.  With that much beauty already in the house, we didn’t need to do much to enhance it.  Just a few simple pieces, like this shelf from Ballard Designs to hold a few things right when you walk in, as well as some giant sconces to flank the office entry on the other side.  There are two pendant lights hanging in here from Ikea.  I love the modern simplicity contrasted with the craftsman character of it all.  Contrast is my favorite!

The Montgomery House - Front Foyer Small_1 WM

A simple jute rug is great for texture and for dirty shoes.  Its casual and inviting and since no one’s going to be sitting on it, its okay that its kind of scratchy.  I love the look of them but they just don’t work great for living rooms, especially when you have little ones.  An entryway is the perfect spot.

Below is a peek from from the hallway through the foyer and into the office.  On the left is the living area and kitchen.  This is probably one of my favorite pictures from the entire photo shoot we did.  Those transoms have my heart fluttering!  Its details like that in this new home that give it the character and charm of an older home.

The Montgomery House - Office Small_0 WM

Next week I’ll share more of that office with you.  Thanks so much for stopping by!


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