Transitioning to Fall with Pillows

Around here, its too early for fall. Even though school has started, we are still hitting high 90s every day with lots of humidity and there’s no end in sight.  But its taken me years to admit that.  When I was in elementary school, I lived in Pennsylvania, then Tennessee, then Germany (army brat, here).  So school starting meant leaves changing colors, buying new clothes like jeans and sweaters, and an actual crispness to the air.  Something like the cover of a Bernstein Bears Book and a bouquet of sharpened pencils.  Anyone know what I’m talking about?  But when I married a Houston boy and we made our home in this area, it took me a while and a lot of convincing from him that it is just not the case here. I’ve finally come to realize that no matter how early I want it to feel like its fall, it just ain’t happening until at least October, sometimes November.  I’ve finally come to terms with it.

So I don’t pull out any pumpkins or leaves, I don’t change out any wreaths yet.  But this year I made some simple changes to the pillows on my couch that made a small enough difference to satisfy my yearning for fall.

Fall Pillows // The House of Figs

No more bright colors, a little more black and white, and that golden yellow added in.  This to me is a subtle way of introducing fall without screaming fall.

How adorable is that new number 5 pillow?  That’s the only new one here, the rest I already had.  Kendra over at So Vintage Chic made it for me and is offering my readers a 20% discount for one week only with the code HOUSEOFFIGS.  How sweet is that?? She’s got some beautiful ones and I love the black and white look- so great for any season.  Graphic neutrals are my MOST favorite look.

Fall Pillows // The House of Figs

I tried it out across the room, too. Love it with my Ikea blanket!  Even if its not cold outside, I’ll snuggle up with a blanket, pillow, and a cup of coffee any time of year!

Fall Pillows // The House of Figs

Kendra’s got some beautiful and fun pillows in her shop and she’s got more than pillows, too!  T shirts, tea towels, and she’ll even do personalized and custom items and baby gifts.  Here are just a few of my favorites:

Swiss Cross Pillow Ampersand Pillow Anchor Pillow Hello Pillow

And how about these adorable superhero pillows?  A great way to give your kid a pillow he or she loves and one that you might like too. 😉

Superhero Pillows

Fall Pillows // The House of Figs

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Thanks so much for reading!  Hope you find a pillow or something from Kendra that you love!



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