Favorite Neutral Paint Colors

If you’re looking for a perfect gray paint color, my hands-down, absolute favorite is Olympic’s Silver Dollar. It is a taupe-y kind of gray, so its not too cool or blueish at all.  But its not super warm or golden either.  I feel like its perfectly in between.  We used it all over the interior of our old house, which you can see here.

In our new house its on our kitchen cabinets, bannister, and mantle.

We also decided to use it on the walls in our master bedroom and bathroom.

Its amazing how different it looks in the new house compared to the old. I’ve already mentioned that this house has much more natural light.

Even though it is my all time favorite color, I still HIGHLY recommend that you purchase and paint a sample of it first before committing to it! Or purchase 10 different samples and paint them all over your house if you’re crazy like me and just want to be SURE.

If you’re looking for a darker, more saturated gray, one I’ve used several times and love is Olympic’s Dover Gray.  Right now we have that color in our dining room and in our baby’s room.

Here’s the view from the dining room looking into the kitchen. You can see the Silver Dollar on those lower cabinets.  I’ll show more of these rooms one day soon!

And one of my favorite views in the house, from the kitchen, looking into the dining room:

Gray has been kind of the “in” thing for a while now.  I’m not saying its on its way out, because I don’t think it is- maybe for shelter magazines and fancy design bloggers, but for the rest of us, we still like gray.  But the big thing right now is definitely white.  In this new house I decided to give it a try and went with the top color on the same card as Silver Dollar, called Willow Springs.  You can see glimpses of it in the above pictures.

The kitchen cabinet & trim color we are using on The Montgomery House is Benjamin Moore’s White Dove.  I researched that one a lot and found that a lot of designers prefer it.  Neutral colors can be so much trickier to choose than saturated ones because the slightest little tint of green or blue or red or whatever can change the feeling so much.

My biggest piece of advice when painting a room is to buy samples.  Lots of them.  Paint them in lots of different spots and look at them during lots of different times of day.  Something you love in someone else’s house may not work the same way in yours.

Do you have any go to favorite paint colors? What have you painted recently?

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