A Textured, Graphic Living Room {After}

Monday, I shared with you the before pictures (see that post here if you missed it).  Now, today, the finished product!

The House Of Figs - Kraus Haus Small_10wm

One side of that little entryway is now all chalkboard.  Here’s the other side (all of this is sitting on a white Ikea Kallax):

The House Of Figs - Kraus Haus Small_9wmBelow is the little office area and you can see the piece we found to hold the TV equipment. It fits perfectly in that spot next to the fireplace. We added a small rug for some texture, and changed out the chair for something more neutral.

The House Of Figs - Kraus Haus Small_8wm

The House Of Figs - Kraus Haus Small_7wm

The House Of Figs - Kraus Haus Small_6wm

The House Of Figs - Kraus Haus Small_0wmThe big change in here, besides some rearranging and the new tables, is the new pillows and the gallery wall.  If you’ll remember from before, she had several patterned pillows that were colorful, but every pillow had a similar shape, size, and the fabric itself had a similar shape and size to the pattern.  When mixing patterns and pillows, its best to choose only a few colors and then change up the patterns and textures.  You’ll see we have some larger patterns, a small stripe, a large stripe, that big black and white pattern, and then some solid pillows too, one of which has some big buttons and a chunky texture.  To add back in color, I like to use things like magazines, books, and even photographs and maps which we put in the gallery wall.  This helps to keep it from looking matchy-matchy.

The House Of Figs - Kraus Haus Small_1wm

The House Of Figs - Kraus Haus Small_2wm

The House Of Figs - Kraus Haus Small_4wmI’m excited to say this client has invited me back and I’ll be working on another project for them soon.  I love their home and their taste & style.  Looking forward to it and of course I will share it with you all! As always, thank you so much for reading! <3

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