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The Ministry of Mediocrity

It came at a time that I needed it most. I was knee deep in comparisons; trying to keep up with the Joneses (and failing miserably) and that’s when I read it.  A friend of mine wrote a blog post about her “ministry of mediocrity.”  This was years ago and she doesn’t blog anymore but recently I contacted her to ask if I could write about it here. I still think about that post often and I’m so thankful she said yes.  It has to do with the “purpose” side of home-keeping, hospitality.  And it has nothing to do with a perfectly made bed, fluffed pillows, or a well curated gallery wall.

It has to do with being mediocre.

So what is this ministry of mediocrity, exactly?  Well, it could mean inviting friends over to hang out with a sink/counter/table full of dishes and not apologizing for them.  It could also mean not shaving your legs or repainting your chipped toe nail polish and still wearing shorts and sandals because its hot outside.  Its remembering that we’re all human, nobody’s perfect, and revealing your own imperfections creates a space for true connection.  Sound scary?  Maybe it is, a little.  But its also brave and leads to intimacy and realness- creating a sense of belonging that we all crave.


When we furiously scrub our houses, selves, and lives to gleaming perfection before interacting with anyone, we give this impression that this is how life really is.  We appear untouchable and unreachable. Our homes may be even a little uncomfortable.

But what if instead of perfection we purposefully aimed for mediocrity with the intent of ministering to others?  What if we aimed for just “good enough” housekeeping?  Just “good enough” cooking, party-throwing, hair-fixing, decorating?  Whatever it is that eats you up because you’re just not perfect or its just not your thing- let it go. Enough of this super-woman “I-can-do-it-all” lie.  When we reveal our imperfections to one another, we actually minister to eachother, saying “you are free to be exactly who you are.”


When someone invites me in from the perspective of a ministry of mediocrity, I feel at ease, I feel comfortable. I know they are more interested in connection and friendship rather than creating a mirage of perfection. I am allowed to be myself and reveal my own imperfections: messy house, unshaven legs, at times ill-behaved children, and all.  They have ministered to my soul by just being themselves: which is at times genuinely, perfectly mediocre.

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Three Things on a Thursday

Hi everyone! Happy Thursday! Hope you’re having a great week.  Just popping in to say hi and share a bit of life lately!

First up, I know the last time I was here I was talking about boy rooms, but oh how easily I get distracted! Now I’m thinking about girl rooms!  When we moved in, my daughter was still in her crib.  Then shortly after, we got a new mattress and she got our old mattress so it could double as a guest room for family that was coming in town.  I never really “designed” her room.  It just sort of came together with what we had.  Now that the baby is getting older and will be in preschool next year, I’ve been thinking about projects around here I’d like to tackle- one of them being some updates to her room.  I’m thinking maybe about painting, possibly some wallpaper, and I’d love to put a rug in there as well.  She’s also in need of a new dresser as the one she currently has is falling apart.

After researching wallpaper, I came across this fantastic room by House Seven.

House Seven

Its actually a peel and stick wallpaper from Chasing Paper.  So fun, right?  Here’s a little mockup showing how I’m envisioning my daughter’s room.


I’m just in the dreaming stages, but I’ll keep you updated!

Next, one of my favorite bloggers is on a four month road trip!  Do you follow Emily of Jones Design Company?  She and her husband and four kids just left for the journey of a lifetime across the country! I sort of feel like I know her because I’ve been reading her blog for so long (that’s totally not creepy, right? haha!), so its fun to live vicariously through her posts on the blog and instagram for me and see this great adventure unfold!


Lastly, its almost Mother’s Day, and I just finished this parenting book by Kristen Welch.  Highly recommend if you have children of any age.  She’s relatable, funny, gives practical advice, and challenged me in a good way.  Plus its one of those with a pretty cover… I love books like that.

Raising Grateful Kids


That’s it for now.  Hope you have a great weekend and Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there!!



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