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Weekend Reading: Favorites From Around the Web

Happy Friday!  Will you be Christmas decorating this weekend or do you wait until after Thanksgiving?  We are strict waiters around here because we love to cut down a fresh tree either the Friday or Saturday after Thanksgiving. I also start to feel a little crazy when the Christmas decor has been out for too long so in order for it to keep some of its magic I wait.  Anyone else get overstimulated by the extra stuff in your house or is that just me?

So since I’m not preparing for Christmas decorating, I’m doing some weekend reading and catching up with some of my favorite blogs.  I thought I’d share with you a few of my recent finds…

First off…

We Are More Than the Worst Thing We’ve Done by Jamie Ivey

Jamie Ivey

Next, The Nester made a video about sofa styling!  She talks about pattern and texture and how your throw and your pillows and your couch are like three friends working together.  Love it. Check out her post and cute video here.

Style a Sofa You Hate

Oh and speaking of Christmas, have you seen this video from Ikea (of all places??)?  A good reminder as we enter this season.  Warning, get your tissues out for this one!

Do you read Design Mom?  She does these wonderful Living with Kids home features and her latest one is one of my favorites.  Aside from having a beautiful home, the family featured also has a greenhouse that their kids use for painting and art. What an amazing spot to allow for creativity and not have to worry about cleaning up the mess!  Find the rest of the tour here.


Lastly, I am just in love with this window seat and built-in reveal by Brit over at House Updated.  Check out her post here that gives lots more pictures and all the details of this beautiful space in her living room.  While you’re at it check out the rest of her blog, too, she’s got some great stuff happening!

House Updated

That’s it for now.  Whether you’re Christmas decorating or not this weekend, I hope you have a great one!



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Chair Rails Don’t Have Feelings

Dining Room // The House of Figs

Today I’m sharing some new dining room photos with you because I updated that gallery wall.  The pictures in it were pretty outdated.  Plus I had been wanting to change it for a while, the style of it just wasn’t me- I hung those items when we first moved in, just to kind of get something on the wall, using what we had from our last house.  Over time though, with learning my style a little more and experimenting and hearing this house “speak” to me I wanted a little more of a modern feeling in that room.  You can see what it looked like before here.

So its a little more colorful now, with more clean and straight lines, and anchored by that large piece that says “Life is Beautiful.”

The House Of Figs 8

We have what I feel like is a basic suburban 90s floor plan.  The entry way opens to a formal dining room and then leads into an open kitchen and living room.  There’s nothing really custom or unique about it. When we had the floors put in we had the baseboards replaced with taller and more simple ones and I love the slightly custom feeling that gives the house.  The chair rail was already there though and had been originally painted a bright glossy white while the rest of the dining room was painted a different color.

Chair Rails Don't Have Feelings// The House of Figs

Honestly though, I didn’t love that chair rail.  I love woodwork and craftsman detailing, but this chair rail feels wimpy to me and like it didn’t really deserve to stand out on its own.  Sorry ’bout ya chair rail, but I’m just speaking the truth. Painting it white would have drawn attention to the fact that it was really just a builder grade wannabe trying to be custom.  Ouch, am I being harsh?  Its okay, chair rails don’t have feelings, I promise.  So we just decided to paint it all the same color as the wall.  Paul thought I was a little crazy at first when I suggested it but I found some inspiration pictures with similar looks and he went for it.  I love the effect it created.  We still get to see  the architectural detailing, but its not this wimpy white line across the room.  Dining Room // The House of Figs

Are you thinking of  doing something a little “out there” in your house but afraid of how it might turn out or how its a little different from the norm? Just remember- chair rails don’t have feelings!  Neither do walls or windows or tables (even antique ones) or couches or photographs or books or pillows.  We are the ones with the feelings and we get to decide what happens in our homes.  Go forth, be brave, and offend all those inanimate objects.  Maybe its time to say goodbye to some of them or recover them or repaint them.  They truly won’t care, I promise, and it just might be worth the risk!!

Dining Room // The House of Figs



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