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Our First Home

We lived here for seven years.  This place was decorating school for me.


Living Room 1

Of course I still have a lot to learn, but those seven years taught me a lot. I can’t tell you how many times I painted that living room until it ended up this shade of gray!  I didn’t even know gray was what I was trying to go for when I painted it a brownish shade of beige that looked like a Wendy’s Frosty in good light and a band-aid in bad light.  Yikes.  I just had this greige-ish vision in my head and had to make it come alive! Olympic’s Silver Dollar, still one of my absolute favorite and most recommended paint colors, is what I ended up with.  Its actually now the color of my kitchen cabinets- I’ll show you those one day!

Dining Room 2

Those striped curtains are the Ikea Ritva curtains with a dark navy stripe painted on, just like I did in my daughter’s room.

Dining Room 1

I wish I had better blog worthy, portfolio worthy photos for you here but these were actually the photos we took when we were selling the house!  My style has changed a lot and it was fun when we moved to incorporate a lot of the same pieces but with a different feel.  We loved that little 1200 square foot house and it served us well but there were things we were ready to say goodbye to as well.  That window in the dining room was the only window for the whole living area.  So when we looked for houses my main goal was natural light and lots of it.  Also, we installed those wood floors ourselves and they sure looked beautiful, but if you’ve ever had dark wood floors and small children, you know its so hard to keep them clean!  So that changed a little as well.

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A Nursery for a Baby Girl

Two short years after the nursery I shared with you yesterday, we found ourselves preparing for a baby girl…


By this time around, I had discovered my love for LONG curtains, hung high and wide.  My absolute favorite still to this day are Ikea Ritva curtains.  I stenciled the design onto these with fabric paint.





Custom stenciled curtains


Thanks for reading!  This won’t be all nurseries, I promise… next up, the rest of my former house.

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The Nursery that Started it All

This was before the days of Pinterest- back in the time when you had to actually read a blog and flip through a Pottery Barn Kids catalog to prepare for your baby coming!  Some of you may recognize this tree painted on the nursery wall- copied right out of aforementioned catalog, circa 2007.  I already told you my husband was uber-creative- he painted the whole thing, freehand!

Painted tree nursery

I cringe at that valance that matches the bedding and is hung so low… DSC02444 DSC02468 DSC02450 DSC02448 DSC02441

There are definitely things I would change if I did this room all over again, but I love, love, LOVE seeing these pictures.  I took these right before we turned this room into a big boy room.  We needed the crib for our baby girl who was on her way.

This room: the sweet little lamp, the poorly hung valance, the well painted tree, was the background of our life. The life that included that sweet haircut-needing toddler dumping out puzzle piece after puzzle piece, having ear infection after ear infection, requesting lullabye after lullabye.  You know how it is.  Beauty has a purpose.

Thanks for reading.

Up next… that baby girl’s room?  Or the big boy room?  Or maybe a tour of some other rooms in the old house?

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An Introduction

A little about me!  I’ve been married to my uber-creative husband Paul for 11 years.  I worked briefly as a school psychologist but became a stay at home mom when my oldest child was born, almost 7 years ago.  Designing and planning his nursery opened up a whole new creative side of me that I never knew I had.  I stayed up late reading blogs, drooling over beautiful and REAL homes.  Something about the fact that these were real homes, not magazine styled homes, really meant something to me!  It meant that maybe I could achieve beauty in my home too, even though I wasn’t a professional designer, and even though I lived in a normal un-custom house.


 Since those days, we have had two more babies, designed two more nurseries, moved to a different home, and painted more walls than I could ever count.  Paul has always encouraged and supported the creativity that has now grown into more than a hobby for me.  I’m pursing beauty with a purpose. And now, its about time I have a place to share this passion with you- my friends, my family, the few brave who have become my clients, and anyone else who might take this journey with me.

 Welcome to The House of Figs!

Next up… a tour of that nursery that started it all…

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